PROCULTHER-NET: the first seminar of the project is underway

In the first stages of the seminar, objectives, structure and content were outlined. These will be promoted within the thematic community specialized in the protection of cultural heritage at risk that will be established under the EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network. On the occasion, the results of the questionnaire launched in June with the aim of gathering important information from stakeholders interested in the project and organizing project activities in light of the interests that emerged were also presented.

During the meeting, the results of the questionnaire were reviewed and – based on the criteria of prevention, preparation and response – the relevance of some key issues for defining the content of the project: relevant regulatory framework, available digital tools, resources for the protection of cultural heritage assets, and the level of training of specialized personnel. The results will serve to improve strategies and tools for cooperation among the participating countries.

Protect cultural heritage, synonym of each community’s identity and history. This is the main theme of the second day of the works, during which the importance of sharing good practices among the countries participating in the project was recalled.
The discussion also highlighted the need to broaden the target audience by promoting the participation of relevant national structures, centers of excellence, researchers and universities.
At the end, the participants discussed the drafting of the Consortium Agreement, the document that will regulate the relationship between the partners and define their respective roles until the end of the project.

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