Seismic swarm in the Phlegraean Fields: civil protection activities continue in the area

The civil protection system’s activities continue in the Phlegraean area affected by the magnitude 4.4 earthquake on May 20, the strongest event recorded during the current bradyseismic crisis in the Phlegraean Fields.

On May 30, the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies declared a state of mobilization of the National Service. This means that the Department of Civil Protection, under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, is coordinating the intervention of the National Civil Protection Service. This is to support the territorial civil protection authorities in providing assistance and rescue to the population during the current situation.

The Municipal Operational Centres (COC) in Pozzuoli, Bacoli, and Naples and the Relief Coordination Centre (CCS) at the Prefecture of Naples are still operational. These centers are dedicated to providing assistance to the population and inspecting public and private buildings.

Waiting areas designated for citizens have been decommissioned, except the reception area at the Palazzetto dello Sport Palatrincone in Pozzuoli.

In the Municipality of Pozzuoli, more than 1,250 preliminary inspections have been conducted on private buildings. The Fire Department or municipal experts have met all requests from citizens who have reported the need for an assessment. These weeks, inspections have begun, involving the compilation of the Aedes-Agibilità e Danno nell’Emergenza Sismica form. This form is used for quickly identifying damages, defining emergency measures, and assessing the conditions of ordinary buildings. There are 17 teams of experts working in the areas, and more than 350 forms have been processed so far, with around 100 currently under processing.

Currently, 118 properties with 310 households in Pozzuoli have been evacuated or are in the process of being evacuated. A total of 439 households have applied for housing assistance, which amounts to 951 people. Out of these, 60 households (154 people) are currently staying in hotel facilities, while the others have found alternative accommodation on their own.

The municipality of Bacoli received 95 requests from the residents, including requests for inspections and assistance. So far, 87 requests for building inspections have been completed, and 2 more are yet to be carried out. Out of these inspections, 2 buildings have been deemed unfit for use. Only two households have been accommodated in hotels after being evacuated from their homes.

Following the event on May 20, a prompt damage assessment was carried out involving schools in Pozzuoli, Bacoli, and Naples. The inspections unveiled the need for restoration interventions in some schools in Pozzuoli, and the required schedule is currently under evaluation.

From a scientific perspective, seismic activity recorded by INGV’s Vesuvius Observatory has recently decreased while ground deformation continues. The Vesuvius Observatory is actively engaged in 24-hour monitoring of geophysical and geochemical parameters, as well as the overall state of the volcano.

Fonte : Protezione Civile