Humanities and social sciences for the civil protection system: the call for applications is now closed

A productive dialogue. The connection between humanities, social sciences, and civil protection appears to be not only possible but also very promising. Over 200 researchers, experts, and teachers submitted over 100 abstracts to the call sponsored by the Department of Civil Protection and Cima Foundation.

The researches submitted suggest that there are many topics to explore, plenty of insights, and relevant interconnections between different fields. The compilation of the online form reveals that the most clicked keywords were risk, communication, emergency, perception, resilience, prevention, safety, disasters, and community. At the same time, the most selected anchors, seen as concepts of concern to the civil protection system and connection with the humanities and social sciences, were awareness, adaptation, vulnerability, participation, capacity, preparedness, territory, crisis, exposure, care, hazard, reconstruction, prediction, normality.

The significant level of interest confirms the initiative’s value and the pressing need to explore these topics further. The goal is to advocate for a holistic approach to risk reduction and management and environmental and territorial protection, focusing on prioritizing individuals and communities.

The event is expanding. The event initially planned for September 23 and 24, 2024, will now be expanded with two additional days, scheduled for October 21 and 22, 2024, due to the overwhelming response. This extension will give space to more researchers and speakers. The meeting will be held in Rome at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department.

All those who submitted their abstracts will receive additional information in the upcoming days using the contact information provided in the online form. During the conference, they will have the opportunity to share their research results and engage in open discussions and comparisons.

To facilitate the conference’s smooth organization, dedicated spaces will be offered for oral and poster presentations selected by the organization. These presentations will alternate with discussions involving key actors of the civil protection system.

The event will provide a crucial opportunity for all participants to share and grow, highlighting the importance of an interdisciplinary approach necessary to address the future challenges of the civil protection system.

Fonte : Protezione Civile